Jude Wait, Ph.D.


Recent research: Centering Farmers' Perspectives in Assessing the Resilience of Food Farming in Rapidly Urbanizing Regions

With a vision of food security based on locally produced healthy food accessible to everyone, our research focused on farmers growing food in rapidly urbanizing Clark County, Washington. We asked: what will be needed for small-scale direct-market farms to successfully produce food, despite threats to their long-term sustainability. For example, farmers might build resilience by enhancing soil health and biodiversity, pursuing diverse market strategies, sharing information about innovations, and working together to develop policy solutions. The goal is to support farmers and farmland resources protection. Results will be used to inform the direction of research, education, funding, and planning.

To learn more about results of this research, and ongoing community-led action research, please contact Jude Wait, Research Scholar at Ronin Institute (jude@judewait.com).

We continue to welcome the participation of farmers, especially, along with other food system stakeholders.